• Philips Led Flexscape BL9


    Philips Hadco FlexScape LED accent luminaire BL9 brings landscape lighting to the next level. Designed for optimal LED performance, it provides the lighting professional with countless low-voltage options.

    The luminaire’s rugged die-cast aluminum housing features low-energy outdoor lighting. Convenient beam adjustability makes for easy on-site lighting effect changes. The lockable aiming is well- suited for accenting objects, textures, walls, trees, etc. This all-weather luminaire comes with 100% molded silicone gaskets. 


    • Clean lines for a timeless, modern look
    • • Rugged construction and quality finish
    • • Ready-to-ship, in-stock products
    • • Ease of installation
    • • Flexibility to change light intensity in the field
    • • Countless lighting outcomes in a single luminaire save time and money
    • • Innovative zoomable LED Optics allow different beam patterns