• Sulmo 3” 90CRI - LED Gimbal


    Sulmo directional LED recessed lighting fixtures take recessed lighting to the next level! With 360° adjustability provides ample light control, while utilizing Ovid's High Color Rendering for near perfect color. Areas for residential such as kitchens and closets will be vibrant in color.

    Introducing the Sulmo a unique design, packed with Ovid's high colour rendering technology in a gimbal design with 30 degree tilt and 360 degree rotation. Air-Tight without housing needed and fits where no other recessed fixture can.

    Recessed 3" gimbal round LED with integral driver in connection box.

    • Industry leading 90 CRI for near perfect color rendering technology
    • Directional beam - great for sloped ceilings and not only highlighting
    • artwork, but down so with vividly stunning colours
    • Driver inside connection box - no junction box needed
    • Fast & easy to install - save on labour
    • Type IC rated - no housing required
    • 1 3/4" Thin - Install Where Ceiling Space Is Limited.
    • Paint: oil based spray painted - scratch resistant and smooth finish.


    • Every single driver is powered for a minimum of 24 hours together with the fixture that it is shipped with.
    • Every LED is visually checked before and after the PCB is mounted on the fixture. Strict binning to ensure consistent light colour.

    100%-10% dimming capability .This fixture is compatible with industry standard ELV dimmers.